Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital

New Fish Patients

Getting fish patients to the vet can be a bit tricky!

Try to stress fish as little as possible when catching them. Using a barrier, such as a tarp, or piece of Plexiglas to isolate the fish in a smaller area of the tank may be helpful. It is sometimes easier to scoop up a fish in a container, than catch them with a net.

Always transport fish in water from their habitat to keep water quality variables consistent and avoid shock. Insulated, watertight carriers, such as camping coolers and disposable Styrofoam coolers often work well. If the animal is to be transported for a significant amount of time, a larger container, with more water, will help keep waste levels from building up too fast. Using a water agitator like an air stone to increase the dissolved air in the water before transport is recommended.

Please bring a water sample from the fish tank. To do this, use a water and airtight container. Close it under water to have as little air in the sample as possible. Take the sample from near the middle of the tank after gently stirring the water a little, to get a representative sample.